An Interesting Play

Lesson of the day is its easy to blame the “poker gods” for bad luck but when its bad play that costs you a stack, don’t blame something else. Take responsibility for your own actions and realize that you just screwed up and don’t make the same mistake again.

So I wind up doing well on the night and wound up finally on a limit table as well won 20 bets in the 3-6 game and wasn’t even paying attention to it. Maybe I ought to pay less attention and I’ll play better LHE? Or maybe I finally found the best website? Who knows.

River 8h
Well, that sure was the yahtzee card. Now its a question of if he was trapping me or not. or how much will he call with a big king. My turn check screamed weakness and maybe if I bet a decent amount, it will seem like a bluff as it looks weak of him to check the turn. I decide a bet of $20.00 seems about right to get a call. He raises all in. Not much decision with the third nut hand and I really can’t see KK or 22 being in play here and if they are, hats off. I call.

He shows A9s for his stack and proceeds to complain about his rotten luck. (not the horrible play to check the turn to allow me to get a free shot at my 4 outer) So it goes like this I put my money in PF with the best hand, on the flop with the best hand, no money on the turn when I had the worst hand and all the rest of the money in on the river when I had the best hand. All in all played expertly from start to finish (but you can be the judge of that). And realize that the free card you give may be the one that breaks you if you’re not careful.

Flop 766 rainbow.
Tight player looks at his chips, looks at me and checks. I bet 20. He thinks (total acting job) he’s thinking whether or not to raise me here or later. He smooth calls.

River 3h
He leads for $100.00
Well, I called the turn i certainly can’t fold on the river for $100.00. Its a bit less than pot size, and if he has the case, so be it. I call. Opponent turns over Js 5s. Interesting play.

The 10 Gambling Commandments

Thou shall expect to lose.
Thou shall know thy local law
Thou shall trust the odds
Thou shall not bet more than one can afford
Thou shall not believe in ‘betting systems’
Thou shall play to win
Thou shall exhibit good gambling etiquette.
Thou shall seek out the best rules
Thou shall not hedge bets or make side bets
Thou shall tip.

I. Thou shall expect to lose.
Even playing smart and employing solid strategies won’t prevent all of the odds from remaining in the online casino’s favor. Expecting to win ALL the time will only lead to frustration and ultimately, bad moves. Remember, take the bad with the good and consider losses as a necessary part of the experience.

II. Thou shall know thy local law
Unfortunately, online casino gambling isn’t legal in all places; check out the legality of online casino activity for your country, state, province, or region before playing.

III. Thou shall trust the odds
Remember, mathematical strategies are successful for a reason and online casino games are developed based on probabilities and percentages. Successful players, especially those who maintain their success for long periods of time, aren’t the ‘luckiest’ people around. A solid grasp of the odds and probabilities will bring far more success than any misplaced reliance on ‘luck’.

IV. Thou shall not bet more than one can afford
Online casino gambling should be enjoyable. However, there’s no enjoyment in losing money that should’ve been spent on necessities. Decide on an amount that you can afford and stick to you self-imposed limit.

V. Thou shall not believe in ‘betting systems’
Strategies based on mathematics and probabilities will serve you far better than any ‘betting systems’ developed by some local know-it-all. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to proven strategies and stay away from unproven schemes.

VI. Thou shall play to win
Playing online affords you the opportunity to take your time. Take advantage of this occasion to formulate sound decisions. THINK about what move you’d like to make. Then, after your decisions become second-nature, you’ll be better prepared for your next visit to Vegas!

VII. Thou shall exhibit good gambling etiquette.
The experience is more enjoyable for everyone when players exhibit good gambling etiquette. Be polite and respect other players whether playing online or at a live casino. Visit our section on gambling etiquette for more information.

VIII. Thou shall seek out the best rules
Each casino has different rules for each game and often offers the same game(s) under various sets of rules. Always look for the games with rules best suited to your preferences and your advantage.

IX. Thou shall not hedge bets or make side bets
Generally speaking, these types of bets are for suckers and the House gains a serious edge. Avoid the temptation to buy insurance, place bets on the side, etc.

X. Thou shall tip.
Although this doesn’t apply to online gambling, we’ve included it because it remains an important aspect of gambling and unfortunately, people need to be reminded of it. Remember, dealers in casinos generally only make minimum wage and rely on tips. If you receive good service (regardless of whether you’re winning or losing – it’s not the dealer’s fault!) tip the dealer and consider it a donation to lady luck!